• We provide the business services, ensuring reliability and respectability of all trade operations. We react flexibly to individual and special requirements of our customers
  • Our lasting relations to a number of manufacturers enable us to achieve an optimum configuration of supplies.
  • We help the development industry by supporting the export of traditional products and services.



  • Our work is based on the wide scope of trade experience of the complete work team, the traditional partnership and contacts in the international trade, as well as on our own foreign representation offices in the major customer countries.
  • Our qualified staff always exerts every effort to abide by the valid laws of the respective countries and by the stipulations of the contracts.
  • We provide our services with a prospect of a long-lasting satisfaction of both the customers and partners to and we continuously increase the quality of the services.

OZOS Praha is a reliable supplier of the products mainly from Czech, Slovak, Bulgaria, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Hungary, Romania and further Balkan countries within Central and Eastern Europe.